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Antyeshti sanskar

One of the main beliefs is the funeral rites(antim sanskar), which help the soul to move towards liberation (moksha). This important ceremony is performed by family and friends, which includes washing the body, dressing it in traditional white clean clothes and praying to God to help the dead man's soul in its journey.

During the funeral, the Pandit ji performs Havan using the holy fire and chants mantras from the Rigveda and Atharvaveda to give peace to the dead man's soul. The funeral is a journey to heaven, called the Antim Yatra, in which the mourners offer help and prayers. Arya Samaj funeral rites connect all the people with deep respect to the old traditions, ensure a respectful farewell to the deceased and provide spiritual support to those left behind and help them move forward on the same path.

The last journey(antim sanskar) begins with the preparation of the body of the dead person. The body is first bathed with clean water as a ritual and is dressed in clean, pure and ascetic plain white clothes. Family members, close relatives and neighbours gather together to pray and give a peaceful farewell to the soul. This period also involves mourning and contemplating on the life and deeds of the deceased.

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One of the traditions of Arya Samaj is the funeral rites(antim sanskar) which guide the soul of the dead person as per all the Vedic and traditional customs and beliefs. These rites have a very old spiritual significance and are performed with great reverence and following all the rules as per the ancient customs.

The funeral continues with the chanting of Vedic humans and prayers. The main reason for performing these rituals is to guide the soul on its journey smoothly. To honour the deceased and help him pass on to the afterlife, a havan or yagna is conducted by the Arya Samaj Panditji, in which offerings such as ghee, grains, many kinds of wood and other items are made. Central to the beliefs of the Arya Samaj is the principle of cremation (last rites). The dead body is placed on a funeral pyre and cremated, usually near a river or pond where there is a flowing body of water, if possible. Cremation is seen as a holy act that symbolizes the return of the physical body to its original form and the release of the soul from its worldly attachments.

These yaga or havans are not only about bidding farewell to the deceased, but also about providing solace and closure to the bereaved family, relatives and friends. They form a framework for the mourning process while reinforcing the past values ​​and rules followed by the Arya Samaj for the continuation of life after death. By carefully performing these havans or yaga, the followers of Arya Samaj try to maintain the dignity of the deceased and ensure their peaceful transition to the next stage of life.

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Ans: Arya Samaj last rites are important because they help the soul move peacefully to the next life, follow Vedic principles, and give comfort to the family.
Ans: The procedure includes consulting a pandit, gathering the necessary materials, performing the cremation (Antyesti), conducting post-cremation rituals like Asthi Visarjan and Shraddha, and doing everything simply and according to Vedic traditions.
Ans: Arya Samaj pandits conduct various havans, such as Agnihotra, Panchagavya Havan, and Satyarth Prakash Havan, each serving different spiritual purposes and invoking various divine blessings.
Ans: The essential materials include ghee, sandalwood, grains, camphor, and items for lighting the havan fire, such as a cotton wick and oil.
Ans: Arya Samaj rites focus on simplicity, avoiding elaborate rituals and superstitions, and strictly following Vedic scriptures, unlike some traditional practices which may include local customs and additional ceremonies.
Ans: While it is possible to perform these rites without a pandit, having a knowledgeable Arya Samaj pandit ensures the rituals are done correctly according to Vedic principles, providing spiritual and emotional support to the family.
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